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Solarize NOVA is a one-stop-shop for community members to learn more about solar power options for their homes and businesses, and facilitate the installation and financing of their own project. Through bulk purchasing and free solar site assessments, Solarize NOVA puts solar within reach.


An additional new benefit is as the result of the Inflation Reduction Act being signed into law the federal investment tax credit for solar projects is 30 percent. 

Benefits of the program include:

  • Free solar site assessments

  • Lower than ever solar panel pricing

  • Qualified local solar installers and high performance systems

  • Community workshops and support

  • A great investment in clean energy

For further information on the Solarize NoVA program please visit our dedicated web site at: Solarize Nova's website.


Local Solar Equipment/System Tax Exemptions and Incentives

A number of local counties and cities provide solar equipment/system tax exemptions and incentives. You can view a list by clicking here.

What is Your Solar Potential

The Northern Virginia Regional Commission has created the first regional map in the Commonwealth of Virginia that gives you a birds-eye view of your home/building and provides a calculation as to its solar potential including estimating savings on your electric bill. You can view the map by visiting on our dedicated web site: Nova Solar Map website.

solar map.webp

Dominion Energy Income and Age Qualifying Solar Program

To learn more about the Dominion Energy Income and Age Qualifying Solar Program, and other related programs, you can call CHP Energy Solutions (program administrator) at 888 229 3714. Or visit:

Qualifying residents may receive a solar array on their home funded by Dominion Energy.

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